Documentary 2017 Overview

What do you think of when you hear the word “grit?” Toughness? Resilience? Determination?

Clearly we can understand this personality trait – we saw it in our Holocaust survivors and the Greatest Generation, who withstood the Great Depression and WWII. But what about today? Where do we see this trait in our everyday life? How does it become ingrained in our personality? Are we born with it, a deep-sown urge to “dig in,” necessary to survive in the most unforgiving circumstances? Or is it a perspective we must learn from the outside in, be it from our parents or whatever life experiences are thrown our way? What lessons can be learned from those that possess true grit?

In this one-hour documentary for PBS by eleven-time Emmy Award-winning director/producer Keith Famie, we will explore “Grit” through the lives of people worldwide who have had to develop a “never give up” attitude to survive. We will ask professionals to help us understand how this hard-won but enviable character trait can benefit us all.

Our hopes are that through the film’s real-life stories, we will inspire people young and old to withstand any challenge with perseverance, with inspiration, with motivation…with Grit.

Executive Producers

Tom Rau

Caring Community Leaders

Tony Schimizzi

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